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Rack Supported Warehouse
Rack supported warehouse
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rack support warehouse is a special warehouse, which makes the logistics warehouse equipment system combined with steel structure warehouse and builds in outside. the warehouse takes the racking as the building structure to support the outer wall and the roof can be further improved the space utilization.â  the racking is used as the carrier of the goods and the roof support, connecting the steel wall panel<doors and windows around the rack, so that the racking and side panels can be connected to the top structure to form an independent architectural structure. the construction code has the loading effect, like preventing wind pressure, snow pressure, roof drainage, pillar settlement, and firefighting equipment etc.the earthquake resistance is greatly improved. advantage: cheaper than a single warehouse or automated system constructionâ period will be shorter

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Business Type: Maxrac is a leading racking manufacturer of high quality selective pallet racking, industrial pallet racking, longspan shelving, pallet rack mezzanine, radio shuttle racking, warehouse racking system, storage shelving, warehouse mezzanine, automated storage system.
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