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Double reduction worm gearbox

AGNEE Double Reduction Worm Speed Reducers are two stage worm reduction units. A specially designed primary worm reduction unit is integrally mounted on a standard single reduction AGNEE worm reducer which forms the second stage. The composite units provide the most compact and rigid arrangement for large reduction of speed necessary for slow moving machinery. A wide range of ratios up to 4900:1 is available The worm shafts are made of high quality case hardening steel, accurately generated, ground and super finished. The worm wheels comprise of phosphor bronze centrifugally cast rims of substantial sections welded to rigid centers. Considerable flexibility of shaft layout is permissible with all types of Double Reduction units. The dimension drawing for each series shows the different shaft handing arrangements and the appropriate reference should always be quoted when ordering. RATINGS OF TYPES : AUD-AOD-AVD AGNEE Double Reduction Speed Reducers are two stage worm reduction uni

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Company Name:Agnee Transmissions (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Country :india India

State :Rajasthan

City :Kota

Address : F-557 IPI Area, Road No.6,

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