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Lemongrass oil

We part of VIVEKANAND CHAVAN GROUP, engaged in Manufacturing, sourcing supply & Trading activities of chemicals, Raw herbs, Herbal Products essential oils & fragrances. We are based at Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra state India. Since last 5 we served industry with our best quality products & efficient services. We are committed to continuous efforts towards improvement of product's quality & enhancement of our team efforts in order to consistent & efficient packaging & delivery system. We offer wide array of Essential oils from India. Some of oils we offer are listed below A] Lemongrass Oil Botanical Name-- Cymbopogon flexusus 1)Citral by GC--i]72%+ii]75%+iii] 78%+ 2) Sp. Gravity at 25o C -- 0.8918 3) Refractive index at20o C 1.4851 4) Origin-- Central North India B] Citronella Oil Java Type Botanical Name-- Cymbopogon flexusus Variety --- BIO 13 Java Type 1)Aldehydes & Geraniol by GC-i]75 % + 2) Sp. Gravity at 25o C -- 0.8718 3) Refractive index at 20o C 1.4851

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Company Details

Company Name:shree Botanicals

Country :india India

State :Maharashtra

City :Ahmednagar

Address : Manmad Road

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