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Coleus forskohlii extract

(info2 at snowlotusbiotech dot com) Product Name: Coleus Forskohlii P.E. Characters of product: Coleus forskohlii extract is brown powder. Pharmacological effects: Coleus forskohlii extract is more effective on the bronchial asthma, congestive heart failure, cancer metastasis and glaucoma Specification:10% 20% 40% Package type: Vacuum plastic bags, 2.5kg/bags,10kg/carton,20kg/carton, 25kg/carton.

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Company Details

Company Name:DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd

Country :china China

State :HeiLongJiang

City :DaXingAnLing

Address : 10 GuangHui Road,Songling District,JiaGeDaQi Town, DaXingAnLing City, HeiLongJiang, China

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