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Keshraashi ayurvedic hair oil

Title Keshraashi Ayurvedic Hair Oil Product Description * The main aim of hair oil application is to maintain health of hair and also helps to reduce hair fall,Premature graying and checks dandruff & the aim of dressings are to improve the control and manageability of hair ,to impart some luster and to maintain a hairstyle in spite of the movement involved in daily activities and despite the various environmental conditions to which hair is submitted (wind,humidity,dryness,cold,heat,sun,etc). 1. Stops Hair Fall 2.Checks Dandruff 3. Arrest Premature graying 4. Imparts natural sound sleep 5. Improves hair texture 6. No Artificial Coloring 7. pH balanced 8. No side effects 9. Protects the hair during heat styling and create longer lasting style 10. Safe for color-treated,permed 11. Protect and condition the hair fiber 12. A calming blend of botanical extracts naturally soothe the scalp 13. Improves hair texture 14. Improve circulation 1

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Company Name:Agron India Pvt Ltd

Country :india India

State :Mahrashtra

City :Mumbai

Address : Chakala,Andheri(E)

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